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  • March 25, 2017
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    District 1199 NM Office, located at 130 Alvarado Dr. NE, Suite 100
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    • STOP the Attack on New Mexico’s Healthcare System!
      Ask Congressman Pearce to Vote NO Against the Healthcare Repeal Bill


      Congress is about to make a critical vote on healthcare -- This Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives plans to vote on the Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This bill recklessly endangers New Mexico’s healthcare system by making it even more expensive for middle class and working families to afford private healthcare coverage and by dismantling Medicaid, which covers more than 900,000 New Mexicans.

      -More than 145,000 New Mexicans will lose their healthcare coverage – including 50,900 in Congressman Pearce’s district alone – mostly due to massive cuts to Medicaid, including rolling back the Medicaid Expansion and cutting federal funding support for Medicaid.

      -Thousands of jobs could be lost statewide! Medicaid directly supports over 50,000 jobs in New Mexico while also providing a major payment source for our hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

      -The bill caps Medicaid funding, which will force our state to ration care or make deep cuts to healthcare coverage for New Mexicans who need it the most – children, the elderly, people with disabilities and low-income adults.

      -The bill takes healthcare away from the poor while giving tax breaks to the rich, providing $275 billion in tax cuts to the wealthiest households over the next ten years.

      Congressman Pearce MUST hear from you TODAY! Please call his D.C. office at (202) 225-2365 and ask him to take a stand to protect our healthcare by voting NO for the healthcare repeal bill. The call will only take a minute.

      Lorie MacIver BSN,RNC-LRN

      Governor Martinez and the Human Services Department (HSD) are moving forward on a proposal to charge higher fees for patients that get Medicaid. The agency is recommending that low-income patients be charged “co-pays” each time they seek medical care, including for prescriptions, transportation to appointments, surgeries and other doctor visits.  The proposal specifically targets working disabled individuals, children in the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and adults living near poverty, with higher co-pay amounts that range anywhere from $2 to $8 for each prescription drug to up to $50 to get hospital care (full proposal linked here).  This idea was rejected by HSD’s own panel of stakeholders and experts last summer, but the agency plans to move forward because it expects budget cuts for next year.  The proposal should be withdrawn because:

      -Medicaid co-pays prevent people from seeking needed medical care, even when the amount seems small or “nominal” (proven by numerous studies)

      -Costs add up quickly for families and children with multiple health needs – especially for people with disabilities or chronic health conditions

      -The costs often shift to healthcare providers that choose to treat patients when they cannot afford the co-pay

      -For each dollar that families are charged, New Mexico is only saving 20 cents because we lose a $4 to $1 federal match for Medicaid. The costs to just administer the co-pays may be even higher than the savings.

      Call the Governor and the Human Services Department TODAY and ask them to stop the Medicaid fees and co-pays proposal. We should not balance the state budget on the backs of low-income New Mexicans and our hardworking families. There are many other responsible ways to solve the budget crisis, including by raising taxes for alcohol and tobacco, ending tax loopholes for out of state companies and special interests, and ending tax breaks for upper income households that are not needed.

      Governor Martinez: 505.476.2200
      Human Services Department Secretary Brent Earnest: 505.827.7750

      March 15, 2017:  Attached is an Opinion Letter from Abuko D. Estrada, Esq., Staff Attoney at the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty that was sent to the New Mexico Human Services Department.  Click here to read his comments.

      What's New at District 1199NM

      It’s Time to Take a Stand!

      Defend Medicaid

      We’ve all been working hard to build a great healthcare system for New Mexicans. Along the way, we have seen significant gains for our state for which we are thankful:
      ·95% of our children in New Mexico have healthcare coverage now, mostly because of Medicaid.
      ·Over 250,000 adults gained coverage from the Medicaid Expansion in 2014.
      ·Medicaid supports over 50,000 jobs in healthcare and keeps clinics, hospitals and caregiving agencies open in our state.
      ·Medicaid saves costs for everyone by covering uninsured people and offering preventive and life-saving care.
      As we move forward, we cannot afford to lose our gains. We lost over $330 million for healthcare and over 3,000 jobs this year for failing to adequately fund Medicaid. Now with uncertainty about healthcare at the national level, we must work harder than ever to protect and strengthen our healthcare.
      Please call our leaders and ask them not to cut Medicaid by fully funding it. It will only take a few minutes. Let them know why you are thankful for Medicaid.
      Governor Susana Martinez: 505.476.2200
      Senator John Arthur Smith, Legislative Finance Committee:575.546.4979
      Representative Patty Lundstrom, Legislative Finance Committee: 505.722.2980

      Please call today!

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